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Veteran Criminal Defense Attorney Stands Behind His Clients

Toledo defense attorney skillfully represents clients facing serious felony and misdemeanor crimes

Facing a criminal charge is a potentially life-changing event. The government has the ability to employ vast resources to prosecute crimes as it sees fit. To stand up to this impressive power, you need an experienced and skilled Ohio criminal defense attorney. Our firm’s founder, Joseph P. Jordan, has decades of litigation experience, including having spent time serving as a prosecutor. Throughout his successful career, Mr. Jordan has developed a unique understanding of how prosecutors view cases. This forms the basis of our criminal defense practice and gives us an edge over the competition in negotiations as well as in the courtroom.

Knowledgeable attorney diligently handles clients’ traffic offenses

Anyone who has let a traffic ticket go unpaid knows that what starts off as a minor fine can quickly turn into something much more serious. At the office of Joseph P. Jordan, we meticulously review our clients’ citations and traffic offenses. By disputing traffic offenses, we may be able to get the citations dismissed or reduced, thus limiting the impact they have on your life.

Attorney skillfully handles defense of drunk-driving charges

DUI — known in Ohio as OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence) — can carry significant fines, mandatory probation, license suspension and potentially incarceration. However, the laws surrounding field sobriety testing and the admissibility of blood-alcohol tests are continually evolving, meaning there are often multiple ways to fight an OVI case. We have extensive experience handling OVI cases and keep up-to-date with all legal developments in Ohio and across the nation.

Defense lawyer effectively enforces the rights of those charged with drug crimes

Police, prosecutors and judges all take drug crimes very seriously. We skillfully fight these cases in a number of ways, including filing persuasive motions to suppress when appropriate. If we are successful in suppressing the evidence, the charges will likely be withdrawn or dismissed.

Understanding criminal defense attorney takes misdemeanor cases seriously

Misdemeanors are crimes punishable by a year in jail or less, but they can still have a lasting impact on our clients. We understand that even a first-time misdemeanor arrest can interrupt your life, and that is why we treat all misdemeanors as serious offenses.

Aggressive advocate holds the prosecution to their high burden in felony cases

Not only can felony convictions put you in jeopardy of losing your freedom, but they also carry many collateral consequences. We employ a time-tested approach to these serious cases, beginning with a thorough investigation. From there, we work with our clients to develop a strategic defense.

Contact our Northwest Ohio criminal defense practice for assistance

If you or a family member is facing serious charges, contact the office of Joseph P. Jordan. We represent clients facing all types of crimes, including white collarcollege and juvenile offenses. Call 419-262-5764 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today.