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Toledo Municipal Law Attorney

Municipal law matters involving real estate and local government agencies/programs can prove to be quite complex. At the law firm of Joseph P. Jordan, municipal law is one of our primary practice areas. We represent property owners and other individuals in municipal law cases involving annexation disputes, zoning decisions, and other such issues. For 45 years we have provided effective solutions and sound legal guidance to our clients with complicated municipal law problems. Please contact the law office of Joseph P. Jordan to schedule an initial consultation.

Our firm is capable of handling the types of major conflicts that typically arise in the area of municipal law, including:

  • Disputes involving annexation of property
  • Land use and zoning issues
  • Violations of city regulations (ordinances regulating towing, violations of local ordinances)

During his 15 years with the City Law Department, our lawyer, Joseph P. Jordan, gained significant experience in the area of municipal law. In fact, this experience and added insight allows Mr. Jordan to navigate our client's complex municipal law cases in a wholly effective and efficient manner. Whether you are an individual selling your property for a development or a property owner who does not want their property annexed, we can help.

Please note we also represent clients in all civil litigation matters.

The city regulates many different kinds of businesses. We help our clients deal with the city and other governmental/administrative groups involved in the decision making process. Please contact the Ohio firm of Joseph P. Jordan today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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